Urgent! Dead whale on Kauai July 25,2014, may be linked to US Navy Sonar & RIMPAC War Games!

???????????????????????????????This just in from Marine Biologist Terry Lilley:

“Kauai reef wars continue. I have video of blown up turtles, blown up corals and fish and now our first dead 12 foot whale washed up dead in Hanalei Bay. This pure black whale (may be a pilot whale) does not seem to have any physical damage. It is fat and looks basically perfect! Dead on the beach. This is the perfect example of what RIMPACS massive sonic war games are doing to our marine life! I am sure there are plenty of these whales dead at sea that never make it to the beach!”

This whale death is “legal” because RIMPAC has a permit to kill as many whales as they want to, but they do NOT have a permit to blow up our reefs and turtles!!

Please sign our petition to help us get this stopped


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