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Whale and Dolphin Watch » End the killing of whales and dolphins by sonar. » About


We are a grassroots organization of people who love the sea. We are dedicated to protecting these bodies of water and all the living creatures that give life to our entire planet.

Our focus and intention through our work is to being an awareness to the public of the US Navy’s history of killing, maiming and harassing thousands of whales and dolphins and other cetaceans through the use of their underwater sonar sound. At this time in our history, we recognize that military preparedness is considered necessary for protection so we honor this collective choice. We also know there is a less harmful way to provide this protection. Through embracing new technologies, solutions can be found that are not harmful to sea life.

Our Commitment is to take action to stop of call attention to those that kill and pollute in our oceans until new technologies are embraced and in place to protect all sea life.

There are currently a number of groups who have passion for healthy oceans. Ours is one of them. The groups range from strictly political and legal to ones who value the idea of healing the earth on all levels. We know and are committed to collaboration with all groups, knowing that through cooperation we can access the wisdom that is available to create a natural and harmonious environment for all who live here.