Support Whale & Dolphin Watch’s Efforts

whaleanddolphindonateWhale and Dolphin Watch has partnered with Natural Villages, a 501-C3, closely aligned sister organization.​

Natural Villages will manage the funds which you donate to ensure that they are used to further the mission of Whale and Dolphin Watch. You will see the “Natural Villages” name when you click the donate button. Your monetary contribution is greatly appreciated and may be a tax deductible write off for you!

We consider “natural villages” an outgrowth of our caring for ourselves, our communities and our earth. Our vision is to create a world where every one feels cared for nourished and honored, whether plant, animal or human. We align our “natural ocean villages” with those of the natural land villages for the purpose of mutual support and a cherished non profit status.

Other ways people can contribute

*Send people to this website to educate themselves

*Request a PDF of our flyer to hand out to friends and family to educate people in your area on this issue. The faster we do this, the less likely more whales, dolphins and other cetaceans will die from the effects of sonar

*Read the book WAR of WHALES so you get a sound education on US Naval Sonar (see order information on home page)

*Request that your library buy this book or others about whales and dolphins and have it on their shelves

*Refer people to the information in the book War of the Whales

* Check out our store for other books on whales, dolphins or other sea creatures

* Like our Facebook page and share it with others for ongoing updates on whale and dolphins

*Network for us where you live, with other environmental groups who have interest in the health of the oceans. E-mail us with information about their work and contact information

*When there are festivals, fairs, celebrations or other public events in your area, consider setting up a booth to educate people about this issue. We can provide direction to you on how to do this

*If you live on the central coast in California, come to our office to help out. Join us for specific educational events that we participate in

*Help us build a worldwide organization through your own networking to help the whales, dolphins and other cetaceans

Though cooperation, we can create a world where all creatures are safe, honored and cared for…. including humans!