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The US Navy has permission
to use their deadly sonar in 75% of the world’s oceans and are doing so without filing the legally required Environmental Impact Statements.
In the US alone, they are now legally allowed to cause 31 million instances of harm and thousands of deaths to cetaceans over the next 5 years despite the outcry of thousands of citizens.
We must continue taking action until this is stopped worldwide

Welcome to Our Project

We are passionate about our relationship with nature and the well-being of the world’s oceans. At this time, science states that we only understand 5% of our world’s oceans. This means that 95% or more of the ocean remains a mystery. Without a clear appreciation and understanding of the oceans and the creatures that live there, humanity is creating great harm with obvious immediate results and unknown consequences into the future.
Our mission is to call attention to the plight of the oceans and  support organizations in creating a safe and sustainable environment where all marine life can thrive.
-The Whale and Dolphin Watch Team

Lethal Sounds

Watch this 1-minute preview narrated by Pierce Brosnan. Click here for the full movie (about 5 minutes)